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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Pond's White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream

Today I am reviewing on my new love "Pond's White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream". I went to chase up for shopping their I found this and  picked without delay. I have seen many reviews on it and was in search of it since long time. Good thing their was "off" on each item due to Ramazan.
What It Claims:
All in one.
Fairness Cream.
Natural Cover


It comes in sturdy box. Complete description is mentioned as well ingredients are also mentioned on box.
It comes with small tube with nozzle. Tube is made of plastic so its easy to squeeze it. Nozzle is covered with metallic cap.

Net Weight:
Its having 18g net weight.

Rs. 255 Approximate ( $ 2.55)  Which is quite reasonable.

Its texture is  thicker than other BB cream which I have tried so far.

How To Apply:
Take a little amount of BB cream on fingertips then apply it on face and neck area. Apply it in dots form.
I used compact powder to fix it. It lasts long on face.

My Experience:
It covers the acne spot.
Gives the even skin tone.
Gives natural glow.
SPF 30 in it so it protects the skin by sun.
Non oily texture so its best for oily skin.
Dry skin having girls  can also use it.
No clogging of pores.
It gives fairness too.
Its best for day and night look.
Its Indian brand.
I am loving it as its going well on my skin.

May Be You Don't Like It:
Its price varies lie  between Rs. 250 to Rs. 400.
Its available in only one shade.

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From 22th to 28st July
Free shipping worldwide within 24 hours
Go and find your new look :

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Godrej Expert ~ Rich Creme Hair Colour Natural Brown 4.00

I love to change hair color. I tried this brand very first time. Its was economic. Rs. 100 each sachet. I am having short hair so 2 sachets are enough for my hair.


Before & After

It comes in sachet. Developer and cream in it. Cream contains 20g while developer contains 2o ml.

I used two sachets. Mix them well in a cup. 

Apply the mixture on hair in a well way. Apply on dried washed  hair. Wash it after 30 minutes.

My Experience:
It gives natural look.
There is no ammonia in it.
I never applied  hair dye on scalp and roots.
Apply it on hair leaving the portion of roots.
No allergy.
Full gray coverage.
Leaves hair soft and  shiny.  

May Be You Don't Like  It:
It does not contain any glove & brush.
No conditioner in it.
No easily available in Pakistan.

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Black Double-faced Satin Rosette Clutch -

I love to buy online. So I usually prefer to buy from versatile websites. is one of them. I was in search of rosette clutch since a long time. I have seen it first in a wedding a girl was carrying such kind a clutch. That moment I could not ask by her. When I saw this on their site, I promptly took it.  

Packing & Delivery:
It comes through DHL express so I got it in 5 days. Its comes in paper wrap packing. I have paid $17 as custom duty. 

Its price is $ 19.90.

Its having good quality. Fabric is satin so their is shine in it. 7 roses are in front and 7 are on back. Nicely stitched. Handle having diamonds on it.

Size : 14CM*12CM*10CM

Click to buy from

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer

Since a long time; I was in search of good face illuminating shimmer. Finally I got my destination. I don't like too much shimmery face. So its good one for me to get enough shimmer on my face.

Containing Golden mineral powders to lift and define your complexion, and Active Tonka bean extract that emits light to give the skin a vibrant, natural, healthy glow, as well as reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone and age spots. Aloe Vera stimulates collagen production resulting in firmer, smoother skin as well as repairing damaged cells. Tripeptides and hyaluoronic acid help to reduce wrinkles and fight signs of skin damage from environment and ageing
Code: 77019
Our Price : £ 16.00

Apply a small amount to fingertip, dot over the face and d�collet�, the lightly smooth over the skin. Can be worn over or under moisturizer or blended into foundation for added radiance.

It comes in cylindrical bottle. There is need to push it to get desired amount.

Its having smooth texture. Looser texture therefore easy in application. 

Best thing its having golden sheer in it which easily blends over face. I am using it with mixing in foundation. Those who love shimmering look in a light effect; its good for them. Most probably you will not feel it. Once you will go in sun light then you can see little bit shimmer on face. 

May Be You Don't Like It:
If you will apply on skin after makeup then it will make little bit greasy if you are having oily skin.

Click to buy it. Website & Facebook page

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